Chef Christopher Ray

Additional Services

* Private Gourmet Dining & Entertaining - Your own private chef to serve gourmet course by course dinners

* Cooking classes - Chef has been noted to put the fun in flavor!

* Private/Personal Chef

* Hire Chef Ray for multiple days or your week long stay. Leave the grocery buying, the cooking and the clean up to us!

* Family Meal Planning

* “HEAT & EAT” meal packages. Custom prepared for your specific family needs. Arrive at your cottage or home open the fridge and there it is! Pasta after a long day, soup for lunch, tomorrow’s BBQ dinner, fresh salads, Cheesecake by Sneaky ‘Nique and so much more.

* Health & Wellness – certified in Nutritional Cooking, conscious of healthy/natural organic and farm to table cooking.

* Ask to see our full color portfolios and menus!